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Challenging a will

Almost 99 percent of wills go through the probate process without any issues. However, California residents who have completed a will should be aware of the different reasons a will can be challenged.

Understanding what happens in probate court

When Californians die, many will have large portions of their estates go through the probate process in order for their assets to be distributed and their debts to be repaid. The probate process may be fairly complex, but it involves some specific steps that will happen before the estates will be closed.

What is probate and why does it have negative connotations?

No want wants to think about death, but it is an inevitable part of our lives (ironically enough). So when that last stage of our life arrives, it is important for the person to have all of his or her legal, financial and estate affairs in order. Once that individual passes away, their estate will enter what is known as probate.

Bobbi Kristina's estate administrator sues Cissy and Pat Houston

From the untrained eye, it would seem that the relationship between Bobby Brown and the family of the late Whitney Houston would get better after the death of the pair’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown last year. Before her death, a trust was created that named Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother Cissy Houston and her aunt Pat Houston as co-trustees. So when the trust became effective upon Bobbi Kristina’s death, it held nearly all of the assets left to her by Whitney Houston, including royalties earned from music that still are being paid.

Robin Williams' wife, children ordered to mediation

In a prior post we highlighted the brewing legal battle between Robin Williams’ wife and his children over the disposition of the late comedian’s estate. Indeed, Williams had a will, but there are sharp disagreements between the parties about how his property is to be divided and how the trusts he established were to be administered.

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