Business Law/Contracts

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is taking the first step towards business ownership or a seasoned professional who is planning to expand your operations, the attorneys at The Flanigan Law Group will devise a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Today's business climate is more competitive than ever and, to achieve success, business owners must be proactive and prudent in their approach. Our attorneys possess decades of experience within the realm of business law and contracts and are well-equipped to assist business owners who are facing a broad-range of operational, financial and legal issues, including:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Contract negotiation
  • General counsel services for daily operations
  • Business entity planning
  • Business litigation

Minimizing Risk and Spurring Growth Through Business Contracts and Planning

Comprehensive and legally sound contracts form the basis of every successful business operation. From relationships with employees and clients to agreements with vendors and service providers, at all times, business owners must take steps to ensure that all contracts protect and promote their financial and business interests.

From negotiations and drafting to contractual fulfillment and violations, there are many phases within a contract's life. While we always advise business owners to contact us before a contract is signed, we will step in to represent your business at any point.

In cases where you believe a party violated a contract, we will aggressively pursue a legal remedy that is effective and cost-efficient.

To discuss your business's needs with a lawyer at our Irvine office, call us at 800-732-2413. Alternatively, we invite you to send us an inquiry through our online contact form.