Health Care Directives And Powers Of Attorney Designed To Accomplish Your Goals

Powers of attorney and directives are vehicles written in advance that provide clear instructions of your wishes should you become incapacitated, naming trusted individuals that you wish to make decisions on your behalf. These individuals are only granted authority to make such decisions after you are no longer able to make decisions on your own.

At The Flanigan Law Group, in Irvine, we assist Southern California clients in understanding these vehicles and creating specific instructions as part of a comprehensive estate plan for the future.

Powers of attorney are written as a companion document to a trust, covering the needs of the client. This allows the client to name a trusted individual to handle certain financial affairs and assets that are not part of the trust. In California, only assets that are not included in the trust can be controlled by a power of attorney.

Because of this, many people write a power of attorney for a specific purpose. This could include completing a contract, handling certain business affairs or overseeing the sale of a house. The authority of the power of attorney is fairly limited, but usually granted with a specific end in mind. As we help you build the trusts and entities that will protect your assets, we can tailor any necessary powers of attorney documents to help you accomplish your individual financial goals.

Customized Health Care Directives For You

In most cases, you will be provided a health care directive to complete upon being admitted to the hospital or for medical attention. Our firm can help you create customized health care directives to provide specific instructions for end-of-life decisions as part of a trust or will package.

To learn more about powers of attorney and health care directives, and how our lawyers can include them in your plan for the future, please contact us at our Irvine office by calling 949-450-0041.