Knowledgeable Orange County Retirement Planning Lawyer

Many people spend the majority of their careers putting aside money for the future and preparing for retirement. As wealth and assets accumulate, the basic functions of typical retirement accounts may fail to fully protect the individual from potential tax penalties in the future.

At The Flanigan Law Group, in Irvine, California, our attorneys provide skilled and experienced guidance in putting together the entities and structures you need to wisely shelter your assets from unnecessary tax penalties and risks. The disbursement of retirement plans is not controlled in a will. It is necessary to put in place trusts and entities to hold those plans, and protect the beneficiary from significant tax penalties.

Financial Risk Management And Asset Protection Through Strategic Planning

Our firm will assist you in structuring your retirement plan, vehicles and assets in such a way to mitigate risk and potential tax issues later in life. We will help you understand your legal and financial options in creating business entities and other structures to hold assets and property, providing the fullest tax protection possible.

It is important that these assets are structured with a detailed understanding of IRS tax code and other laws that can affect the manner in which these accounts would be paid out to a beneficiary. In some cases, the account may be disbursed in just a few years. If the beneficiary is a minor, this can create problems without proper trusts in place. Skilled planning, however, can allow the account owner to have the account pay out over decades. Not only will this allow minors a management sum each year, it minimizes income taxes to any beneficiary.

Retirement Planning Lawyers For Southern California Clients

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