Guiding You Through Probate And Trust Administration

A loved one's death is often a difficult and emotional time. Unfortunately, stress that many family members experience is inherently part of the process of settling an estate. At The Flanigan Law Group, we provide comprehensive representation and fulfillment of fiduciary duties in probate and trust administration matters. Our attorneys provide legal representation, including:

  • Gathering the assets of the estate to accurately value each
  • Selling any property that must be sold
  • Facilitating distribution of assets
  • Paying valid debt or other liability-related obligations
  • Dealing with a variety of claims against the estate
  • Pursuing recovery of assets against parties
  • Overseeing transfer of title on any real property left to beneficiaries of the estate

Making the Probate and Estate Administration Process Easier

The State of California has many options available for the distribution of a Decedent's estate. Once provided with specific information regarding the Decedent's assets, our attorneys can determine what process is appropriate in your matter during an initial complementary 30 minute consultation. Depending on the value of the estate and the type of assets involved, you may need to simply complete a brief transfer. However, if a probate proceeding is necessary our attorneys will represent you in Court to ensure that the probate is administered properly and as efficiently and seamlessly as possible on your behalf. Our skillful lawyers can help minimize unnecessary legal costs, delays and beneficiary challenges.

Our lawyers take the time to sit down with you and help you understand all duties that must be fulfilled, any potential complications, your legal options and how we can assist in each step of the process.

Carrying the Legal Burden of Trust Administration

The administration of a trust can be a lengthy ordeal, requiring months of waiting and complex legal steps. Our attorneys understand what this trust means to you and your family, and we are committed to offering knowledgeable and skillful representation, whether you are an appointed trustee or a beneficiary.

Our experience and understanding of the trust administration process allow us to expedite the process to ensure that beneficiaries are provided assets in a timely manner.

Committed To Results

Throughout the probate and trust administration process, we take the time to listen and understand what our clients need and are committed to ensuring that all fiduciary duties are completed efficiently and according to the decedent's wishes.

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