Tax Planning Lawyer In Orange County

Given the current tax climate and state and federal statutory regulatory schemes, potential new business owners require a sophisticated plan for protecting their livelihood as well as minimizing exposure to unnecessary tax liability. There are a variety of business formation options available, and the attorneys of The Flanigan Law Group will assist you with choosing the right one for your business needs and expectations.

Irvine Tax Planning Attorney - Helping To Avoid Estate Taxes

We strategically structure tax planning solutions, using entity formation and business frameworks to hold your estate, minimizing tax after your passing. These solutions are customized to the types of assets and expected future growth of the estate, as well as your wishes for the future.

By using business entity planning, we remove much of the liability and risk associated with holding such assets and wealth. This can include partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) and other business entities. Such solutions can also facilitate smooth transitions in business succession.

The Flanigan Law Group offers personalized consultations to understand the nature of your estate and to provide you an explanation of solutions at your disposal. To learn more and speak to a lawyer, please contact our California law office today at 949-450-0041.