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June 2012 Archives

Treatment of Children in Estate Planning: Sometimes Inequality is Best

It is natural for parents to want to treat their children equally when it comes to inheritances. However, equal treatment is not always the best course of action when it comes to gifts and estate planning. Here are some situations that call for unequal treatment:

What to Do to Ensure Your Trustee is Trustworthy

It is not unusual that a family member is named as trustee for an estate that benefits a number of other family members. However, just because you are related to someone does not necessarily make him or her a good trustee for your estate. For example, in one recent case, an Indiana grandmother gambled away most of the trust funds she was responsible for distributing to her grandson for his education.

How an Estate Planning Attorney Can Help Executors Administer Estates

Many people agree to become an executor of a parent or close friend's estate without really considering what that job entails. Then the parent or friend dies, and the executor has no idea what to do to fulfill their duties. This is where the guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney is, as the credit card commercial says, priceless.

How Divorcing Baby Boomers Can Protect Assets

While the overall divorce rate in the U.S. has declined over the past 20 years, it has doubled for Americans over the age of 50. Financial experts warn that the stakes are higher for those divorcing later in life, since their prime earning years are behind them and retirement looms on the horizon. If money mistakes are made, there is less time to recover, so experts advise divorcing boomers to:

Should You Entrust Your Retirement Accounts to a Trust?

Most people who do a good job of saving for retirement in tax-deferred retirement accounts usually wind up leaving a good portion of these assets to heirs. And while you may wish that your heirs would protect these assets as long as possible, the fact is that a majority of beneficiaries cash out their inheritances within the first year.

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