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January 2013 Archives

How To Avoid IRS Audit Red Flags

The IRS recently announced a simplified way to take a home office deduction - long considered a potential red flag for an IRS audit - that will be available for the 2013 tax year. The new deduction gives taxpayers the option of deducting $5 per sq. ft. for up to 300 sq. ft. of office space, for a total of $1,500.

Tax Breaks Available For Supporting Parents

Due to the recent recession and the rising costs of healthcare, it is not unusual for adult children to be providing significant financial support for parents. The good news is that the federal government provides several ways for you to get a tax break for this support, including:

How To Choose The Right Trustee Or Estate Executor

When trying to decide whom to name as the executor of an estate or a trustee of a trust, many people turn to their children or close family members. Parents with more than one child often feel they should name the eldest; however, what should guide your decision is who is best equipped to do the job.

What To Do About Gifting Remorse

Wealthy Californians who dropped a sizable gift on heirs in December due to uncertainty about estate and gift taxes may be having what financial experts are referring to as "gifting remorse."

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