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February 2013 Archives

Tips For Choosing A Beneficiary

When you open an investment or retirement account or get a life insurance policy, you will need to designate a beneficiary so the assets can pass as you wish without probate. Most people typically name a spouse, children or close relatives as beneficiaries; however, you are allowed to name anyone you want, including a charity or even a friend.

The People You Can And Cannot Disinherit

The reasons people choose to leave someone out of their will are as varied as the families affected. Disinheriting a family member is becoming more common, but the law will not allow you to disinherit a spouse or minor children.

Marry a Will with a Living Trust to Avoid California Probate

The California court system has been impacted by statewide budget cuts, meaning court dockets are becoming more crowded and backlogs are the norm. This is just one of several reasons Californians should look at ways to avoid the probate process altogether, and marrying a will with a living trust can help you do this.

The Financial Impact of Remarriage in California

Clearly the decision to get remarried is more than a financial one, but there are some factors that should be taken into consideration, especially if you are older. The decision to remain single or get remarried can impact your ability to leave assets to your heirs.

How to Prepare a California Estate Plan

Getting an accurate picture of your financial situation is the first step in preparing to write a Last Will and Testament or California Estate Plan. Before you visit a California estate planning attorney, make sure you have your financial papers in order and have thought about some basic questions.

Choose A Revocable Living Trust To Leave Assets To Minor Children

if you are the parent of minor children, you are undoubtedly concerned that your children will be well taken care of should something happen to you. You may have already planned for this by naming a guardian for your children in your will, thinking that the person you have designated will also have access to your assets to take care of your children.

Four Major Steps To Closing An Estate

The job of an estate executor is to identify estate assets, pay off debt and then distribute what is left in the estate to heirs and beneficiaries. In addition, an executor must file certain tax returns and pay any taxes due on the estate. Handled improperly, the IRS may pursue the executor for any penalties and interest on taxes not paid.

Ask Your Parents These 6 Important Questions

The holidays are over and most of us spent time with family, which for many of us includes aging parents. The economic recession of the past few years has made our parents' financial concerns our concerns as well, and if you did not find time during the holidays to talk with your parents about their financial condition, here are six important questions you need to ask the next time you sit down with them courtesy of Jack Tatar, who authors books on retirement:

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