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June 2013 Archives

How to Keep Your Estate Plan Relevant

Like many things in life, estate planning is an ongoing process and change is an inevitable part of that process. To ensure that your estate plan remains relevant through the years, you should:

How an Estate is Settled Without a Will

When someone dies without leaving a will, this is known as dying intestate. And for those left behind, having to deal with an intestate estate can be confusing and stressful. Here is how an estate is settled without a will:

4 Steps to Create a Living Will in California

It is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of Americans have living wills - legal documents that detail your wishes for end-of-life care. However, with growing technological advances in medicine, healthcare professionals are increasingly less able to predict medical outcomes - making it more difficult for families to adhere to a living will.

Top 10 List to Take to Your Irvine Estate Planning Attorney

The changes in estate planning laws in January motivated many people to visit their estate planning lawyers to review and revise estate plans. If you have not already done this, here is a list of 10 "to do" items you should take to your Irvine estate planning attorney before the end of the year:

Is Probate Necessary in California If You Have a Will?

Probate is a formal way of making sure estate assets end up where California law requires, whether or not there is a valid California Last Will and Testament. If a will does exist, it is necessary to submit it to a California probate court so that it can be validated and executed effectively. The probate process also assures that the decedent's financial affairs are settled after his or her death and that creditors are paid.

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