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November 2013 Archives

7 Ways Boomers Are Redefining Retirement

According to a recent NBC News report, the generation of baby boomers that broke the mold in every stage of life is continuing to do the same when it comes to retirement. Here are 7 ways that boomers - 10,000 of who reach retirement age every day - are redefining retirement:

5 Steps to Help You Protect a Financial Windfall

Just about everyone dreams of winning the lottery; however, most of us who come by a financial windfall do so because of an inheritance. There are a number of asset protection and estate planning strategies to employ to help you protect your inheritance or any large sum of money that you come by, unexpectedly or not.

Most Families Reluctant to Talk About Estate Planning

A recent Fidelity Investments survey found that a majority of American families have a hard time talking about wills, elder care and retirement planning. In fact, a majority surveyed said they feel much more comfortable discussing estate planning issues with a third party - like an estate planning attorney - than other family members.

How to Protect an Inheritance from Taxation

While inheritances are not considered income for federal tax purposes, any earnings that may come from that inheritance will be taxable, including dividends on inherited stocks or mutual funds. Your inheritance may also be subject to taxes on any gains from selling inherited property or investments.

5 Tax Tips for California Residents

California is one of nine community property states, which requires special planning when it comes to a married couple's federal tax return. Here are five tax tips for California residents:

New Guides Outline Legal Duties of a Fiduciary

Have you just been given power of attorney? Has your elderly parent added you to their financial accounts so you can help with paying the bills? If so, you are now a fiduciary, with legal and ethical responsibilities to act in the best interest of the person who gave you power of attorney or added you to their bank account.

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