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November 2014 Archives

Three misconceptions about retirement planning

‘Tis the season to plan for the future. The holidays are a time for making tax-beneficial decision about money; particularly end of year bonuses that could mean the difference between one tax bracket and another. With that said, Roth IRA contributions will be made at a premium.

Should you talk with your parents about their estate plans?

For adult children, asking about a parent’s estate plan may be a taboo that they feel they should not approach. After all, asking about what one’s part is in a will, or what is being left to them may make an adult child seem petty, opportunistic or downright greedy; none of which are particularly endearing to an aging parent.

Four basic steps in creating a will

To most people, estate planning may seem like an insurmountable task given the assets and property they have accumulated over the years. For others, they may feel as if they don’t need an estate plan because they hardly have any assets. However, for people of any age, there is a benefit to at least drafting a simple will. It can set basic expectations for the care of children or other people’s assets that you may be responsible for managing.

The benefits of spiritual estate planning

An important aspect of estate planning is the ability to pass one’s values and convictions onto a waiting generation. This can be particularly important to those who feel that their children may squander their fortune if they give too much too soon. Moreover, they may feel as if their values will not be recognized after they are gone.

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