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January 2015 Archives

Basic estate planning documents you should have

One of the obstacles to creating an estate plan is knowing where to start. This can be difficult considering one the main barriers to meeting one's goals in this regard is understanding the costs behind what you might need. This is especially important considering your means and how much you might think a full-fledged estate plan may cost.

Can your retirement income be the luck of the draw?

In our prior posts, we highlighted the benefit of not using a New Year’s resolution as a means of creating (or adjusting) one’s estate plan. We have also discussed how you can jumpstart your retirement plan by taking some easy  steps to save money when you have windfalls. Despite the work you may put into your plan, or the cautiousness in which you save, sometimes security in retirement is due to factors outside of your control. You may even call it the luck of the draw.

Three surefire ways to jumpstart your estate plan

In our last post, we noted how people tend to make New Year’s resolutions that don’t always pan out as they fall by the wasteside by the time the Super Bowl comes around. When it comes to promises to update (or create) an estate plan, this may fall into that category. Even if you are one of those people who are determined not to let history repeat itself this year, we offer the following helpful tips to get you started

Why a New Year's resolution may not be important

If you are one of the millions of Americans who makes a New Year’s resolution, chances are that you will break it at some point during the year. For many, they forget about their resolution; for some it is the lack of willpower or lack of commitment that does them in.

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