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April 2015 Archives

Basic questions about retirement planning

As we have noted in our prior posts, retirement planning is an important aspect of estate planning, since more Americans are going to be depending on their retirement income (excluding Social Security) as they reach their golden years. But the overriding questions to being able to retire in one’s fifties and sixties can be determined on how their investments are structured.

How to ask parents about their estate plans

If you ever wanted to know what was in your parents’ wills, or how involved you will eventually be (if you are involved at all) in administering their estate, you are certainly not alone. With more adult children being tasked with looking after their elderly parents, there is more of a chance that you as an adult child will have to be an executor (as well as a beneficiary).

Why retirement planning is integral to estate planning

One of the essential things behind estate planning is retirement planning. After all, enjoying one's golden years is why people work all the extra hours and design their lives a certain way. Indeed, retirement planning is somewhat the luck of the draw, because it depends on a number of things that you cannot control (e.g. good health, economic growth).

When is it time to remove a problem trustee?

A trust is a very important part of a person's estate plan. If you have created a trust, you are likely hoping to protect and preserve certain assets until you need them during your life or until your loved ones need them after you are gone. Unfortunately, a bad trustee -- the person who manages your trust -- can work against your goals. But how do you know when to say goodbye?

Basic estate planning steps for young people

It’s no secret that most estate planning services are directed toward people aged 40 and over. After all, this age group is more likely to have a substantial disposable income, have children and be closer to retirement than people in their 20’s. Nevertheless, as we have noted in some of our prior posts, it is never too young to think about estate planning.

Why everyone needs an estate plan in place

Anyone who cares about what happens to their property after they are gone needs an estate plan put in place. And besides distributing the property according to your wishes, a well-prepared estate plan makes distribution of your belongings easier for your family.

Do you really need a lawyer to help with your estate plan?

The answer to this question is simple. No, you do not need a lawyer to handle your estate planning. There are countless do-it-yourself estate planning options that you can handle on your own. However, there are numerous benefits to having an attorney assist you with your estate planning -- especially if you want to make sure all of your goals are supported.

Robin Williams' wife, children ordered to mediation

In a prior post we highlighted the brewing legal battle between Robin Williams’ wife and his children over the disposition of the late comedian’s estate. Indeed, Williams had a will, but there are sharp disagreements between the parties about how his property is to be divided and how the trusts he established were to be administered.

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