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June 2015 Archives

Thee ways to survive calamities that threaten your retirement

In a prior post, we noted that retirement is not always a cut and dried, step-by-step process to prosperity. There can be a number of unexpected events that could derail one's ability to retire at the time that the want, and with the lifestyle they choose. Because of this, we noted that an ideal retirement could almost be the luck of the draw.

Estate planning for each stage of life

To the uninitiated, it may seem like one must have upwards of a million dollar estate and multiple properties to consider estate planning. After all, to justify the high fees that estate planning attorneys charge, one must have a great deal to lose. However, estate planning is something that people at every income level and every stage of their lives.

Options for protecting inherited IRAs from bankruptcy

In a prior post, we highlighted the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last summer that inherited IRAs could not be considered exempt assets; therefore making them fair game to creditors in the event a beneficiary sought bankruptcy protection. While the decision marked a clear departure in policy in the realm of bankruptcy (and estate planning), it also may have created an opportunity for savvy and creative estate planning.

Three things to ask before hiring an estate planning attorney

Estate planning can be difficult and confusing regardless of what age you are. There are different issues to confront if you are young and just starting out, as well as if you are up in age and have millions in assets. In either situation, it is prudent to have an experienced estate planning attorney to advise you so that you can pass on a legacy without too many issues.

Three estate planning mistakes you can avoid

We hope our readers had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. After all, it is the unofficial beginning of summer, and if you have been paying attention to the calendar, it means that 2015 is almost half over. While this may leave you feeling that life is going too fast, you would be right. Which probably means that the New Year’s resolution you made in January isn’t going to resolve itself.

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