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September 2015 Archives

Should you use a self-directed IRA?

The traditional method of wealth building, especially in the context of using IRAs is to establish an IRA. Most people are familiar with Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs and SIMPLE (i.e. incentive matching) IRAs that help in creating a nest egg for employees as they build towards their retirement. However, an unheralded IRA is gaining traction in the marketplace, and we will highlight it through this post.

Why gifting with a purpose is important

If money was no object, what would you leave for your heirs and beneficiaries when you passed on? Of course, a large majority of us wouldn’t even think about the answer to that question because we are not billionaires, and are therefore constrained by some sort of budget.

What to consider before gifting money to heirs

When people develop estate plans, a common goal is to leave something for their heirs. After all, leaving a legacy becomes more important as people age. But while a large majority of people who put together estate plans intend to leave money to children or other beneficiaries, many wonder whether they are leaving too much or whether a sibling rivalry will be started by differing the amounts to be left to different children.

Protecting assets from creditors when planning your estate

For many people creating their estate plans, they primarily consider how to make sure that their legacies are passed to their heirs and organizations they have supported through their lives. However, the prospect of debt can derail the best intentions. Essentially, creditors may look to a deceased's estate to settle debts the person has left behind, and this could leave beneficiaries without the assets they were promised through a will.

What should be learned from online planning tools

Our last few posts have focused on estate planning for young people. This is because many young adults are starting a new phase of their lives by going to college (or just graduating from college). Indeed, millennials do things differently than their elders, and planning for the future is no different.

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