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April 2016 Archives

Michael Jackson's name at center of estate administration dispute

Despite Michael Jackson's 2009 death, the late pop singer's popularity has actually risen in California over recent years, increasing the overall value of the estate that he left behind. Although the estate has already proceeded through the estate administration process, the IRS claims that it is owed some hefty back taxes. The conflict boils down to the value of Jackson's estate at the time of his death, a number that has eluded agreement.

How to help a caregiver with someone who is in decline

Being tapped to care for an ailing loved one may be difficult. Seeing a person you looked up to for so long being humbled by old age or illness may be too much for many to handle. Nevertheless, it remains important for new or impromptu caregivers to have specific knowledge of a person’s finances.

What are the responsibilities of an executor?

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult enough with the emotions that come with losing someone special. However, the emotional toils can pale in comparison to the responsibilities one might have as an executor to a person’s estate. Depending on your place in life and your level of care in your loved one’s life, it may be difficult to understand what is expected of an executor.

Three important steps in protecting your estate

 An estate plan is supposed to be a blueprint for how you will distribute your worldly possessions and property upon your death. It is a chance to leave a legacy for your heirs and beneficiaries, but more importantly, you can help in carrying on traditions and values that make your family what it is.

Handling the digital assets of the deceased

In a number of our posts, we discuss the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan so that your personal belongings, assets and property may be distributed according to your wishes. Most people think about tangible assets (i.e. furniture, heirlooms and clothing) when they think about what to leave people upon their death. However, they may not realize that digital assets must be considered as well.

Three reasons why purposeful giving may work for you

How would you design your estate plan if money was not a constraint? This is a question that few of us can answer. The rest of us have to consider what we can leave for our heirs and beneficiaries based on what we have right now, or what we realistically can amass in the future. Even under our wildest dreams, money will still be a deciding factor in what we leave as our legacy.

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