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May 2016 Archives

What we can learn about wills after Prince's death

As the world continues to mourn the sudden death of music icon, Prince, speculation builds on the cause of his demise. It is suspected that opiates played a part in it, and search warrants have been executed to discover if improper prescriptions were authorized.

Putting off estate planning? Don't wait until it's too late

Nearly 60 percent of adults in California and the rest of the country are lacking something that no adult should be without -- an estate plan. It is not that these individuals do not understand the benefits of estate planning; rather, the majority simply claim to not have the time to do it properly. The tricky thing about this though is that once an estate plan is needed, there is no time left to take care of it.

Do my kids' inheritances need a spendthrift clause?

For parents, creating an estate plan includes more than creating a living will, signing a few powers of attorney and deciding what kind of burial is preferred. Having children and even grandchildren typically means planning what kind of inheritance to leave behind. However, many parents in California are increasingly concerned about their children's spending habits and how that might affect their inheritances.

Outdated beneficiary designations bad for estate administration

Most people put an immense amount of thoughtful effort into planning their estate in order to make its later administration as smooth as possible. Responsible estate planners in California typically update their wills, trusts and other important documents on an annual and as-needed basis to make sure that everything is still in order. However, even the most dedicated estate planner might be missing an important issue that can tangle the estate administration process.

Estate planning: necessary for every family or individual

Many people mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to have certain legal protections in place unless a person is wealthy or in possession of valuable assets. In reality, estate planning is important for every California family, regardless of income level or wealth. A small effort in the present can save your family and loved ones a host of trouble and stress in the future, as well as provide you invaluable peace of mind.

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