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July 2017 Archives

Single beneficiary will inherit Carrie Fisher's vast estate

Media sources confirmed on July 10 that a single beneficiary is set to inherit Carrie Fisher's multi-million dollar estate in California. Court documents indicate that the late actress's only child, Billie Lourd, will inherit the estate and most of Fisher's belongings. According to court records, the 24-year-old Lourd will also control the rights to her mother's public image. 

Different types of guardianships

Among the least pleasant topics for California residents looking to draft a valid will and testament is that of guardianship for their minor children. Some parents may rely on the law to ensure that children enter the custody of their trusted next of kin, but even this is no guarantee that guardianships of both children and their inheritance will end up with preferred individuals. Understanding California law on guardianships and why each is necessary for the parents of minors can help protect heirs from asset disputes and other probate issues.

Mistakes to avoid when writing a will

It isn't uncommon for California residents to write their own wills. However, there are several mistakes that people tend to make when doing so without the help of an attorney. For instance, it may be possible for individuals to forget to include their family members as part of the document. While a person can give money or other assets to whoever he or she wants, close family members have the right to challenge a will.

Managing property assets in estate planning.

In the realm of estate planning in California, a new type of asset has appeared. Along with such assets as real estate, financial accounts, personal property and intellectual property, a person must now consider digital property assets as an item to account for in his or her estate plan.

Why estate plans are important for unmarried couples

People in California who live together but are not married may want to consider creating estate plans. As part of an estate plan, each person can give the other permission to make medical decisions. Another reason for an estate plan is so that partners can inherit assets from one another. Without these protections in place, these rights will default to family members, and unmarried partners may have no say.

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