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September 2017 Archives

Landlord's rights when the lease term ends

Landlord tenant law varies widely from state to state and even among different jurisdictions within a state. Generally speaking, landlords in California do not need any special reason to terminate a lease at the expiration of its term. Landlords generally have no obligation to renew a lease or to allow a tenant to remain in the house, apartment or other property unless an anti-retaliation law is applicable.

Challenging wills in California

Will contests in California are difficult. It is rare for challenges to wills to be successful because the probate courts view the documents as representing the voice and wishes of the testator. There are some valid grounds on which will contests may be based and that may result in a will's being declared invalid, however.

Investigation underway into music deal with Prince's estate

California residents might like to know about the latest issues involving the late singer Prince's estate. The pop star owned the rights to his works, which passed to his estate after he died. His discography includes several best-selling albums as well as unreleased songs. A deal for $31 million was made with Universal Music Group, but this agreement was rescinded in July 2017.

The duties of a trustee in California

When people set up trusts, they name trustees who will be responsible for administering the trust according to its terms. It is important for California trustees to understand their duties and to execute them correctly. Trustees who do not believe that they will be able to effectively fulfill their legally required duties on their own might want to consider getting professional help or stepping down so someone else can assume the role.

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