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August 2018 Archives

Aretha Franklin's family could battle over her estate

California fans of Aretha Franklin may be interested in information that emerged just after the singer's death on August 16. The "Queen of Soul," as she was known to millions, died after a long battle with cancer surrounded by family, but reportedly some members of that family began a battle over her estate just after she passed on.

Legal counsel may help trustees carry out their duties

Often, a California resident will choose a friend or family member to oversee an irrevocable trust. This is because a friend or family member is generally someone who the grantor of the trust can rely on. However, a trustee will have a fiduciary responsibility to many parties after taking on such a role, especially after the grantor has died. For instance, a trustee will have to be sure to act in the best interests of a trust's beneficiaries.

Dealing with an incompetent or lazy executor

Families in California may face a difficult situation after the death of beloved family members, especially if the executor named to oversee the estate and the probate process is incompetent or lazy. A poor executor can make it difficult to settle the estate quickly and easily, causing probate costs to rise and delays to become the norm. When planning their estates, many people name friends or close family as executors without considering the consequences. Once the executor is already in place, families may wonder what they can do to improve the situation.

Singer's children allowed to contest his will

Music fans in California may be following the drama surrounding Glen Campbell's estate. A judge in Nashville ruled that three of his children will be able to contest wills that were dated in 2001 and 2006. The three children were not entitled to any type of inheritance according to the contents of those documents. Campbell experienced symptoms of Alzheimer's disease prior to his death, and the children questioned whether their father had the capacity to agree to those documents.

Dispute over Charles Manson estate still ongoing

A battle over the estate of infamous cult leader Charles Manson has been ongoing in California, and on July 13, a judge eliminated two of the four people who had filed petitions. Both said they were sons of Charles Manson, but since both were adopted, their legal ties to him had been severed.

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