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September 2018 Archives

Executors must work for the estate, not themselves

After a loved one in California passes away, loved ones and will beneficiaries may wonder about the powers of the estate's executor. Named in the will and confirmed in probate court, the executor is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the person who wrote the will as well as addressing debts, taxes and other estate issues. As part of his or her tasks, the executor has the right and indeed the responsibility to protect and potentially expand the assets of the estate. Therefore, the executor can use the estate's funds to defend lawsuits against it such as those filed by potential beneficiaries not named in the will seeking a stake in the distribution of the assets.

Disputes, efforts to locate artwork in artist's estate

California fans of the late artist Robert Indiana may be aware that a lawsuit has been filed by the Morgan Art Foundation against the artist's caretaker and art dealer. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant kept the artist isolated from friends and professional colleagues and created fake paintings he then sold for millions.

Land dispute resurfaces in Colorado courts

One land dispute in Colorado is going back to court 16 years following a major decision that gave hundreds of residents of Costilla County the right to access a mountain property. In past years, the ancestors of these residents had owned and used the property in common. Now, the issues around this land are headed back to court. The descendants of early Hispanic settlers in the San Luis Valley are sparring with a Texas oil heir who purchased the Cielo Vista Ranch. The ranch includes 83,000 acres of backcountry land encompassing 19 mountains above 13,000 feet in height each.

Glen Campbell's children and widow in dispute over estate

California fans of singer Glen Campbell may have heard that there has been a dispute over his estate. Campbell died in August 2017. In his estate plan, three of his children were disinherited. He left the estate to his wife and five of his other children.

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