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inheritance disputes Archives

Land dispute resurfaces in Colorado courts

One land dispute in Colorado is going back to court 16 years following a major decision that gave hundreds of residents of Costilla County the right to access a mountain property. In past years, the ancestors of these residents had owned and used the property in common. Now, the issues around this land are headed back to court. The descendants of early Hispanic settlers in the San Luis Valley are sparring with a Texas oil heir who purchased the Cielo Vista Ranch. The ranch includes 83,000 acres of backcountry land encompassing 19 mountains above 13,000 feet in height each.

Glen Campbell's children and widow in dispute over estate

California fans of singer Glen Campbell may have heard that there has been a dispute over his estate. Campbell died in August 2017. In his estate plan, three of his children were disinherited. He left the estate to his wife and five of his other children.

Aretha Franklin's family could battle over her estate

California fans of Aretha Franklin may be interested in information that emerged just after the singer's death on August 16. The "Queen of Soul," as she was known to millions, died after a long battle with cancer surrounded by family, but reportedly some members of that family began a battle over her estate just after she passed on.

Singer's children allowed to contest his will

Music fans in California may be following the drama surrounding Glen Campbell's estate. A judge in Nashville ruled that three of his children will be able to contest wills that were dated in 2001 and 2006. The three children were not entitled to any type of inheritance according to the contents of those documents. Campbell experienced symptoms of Alzheimer's disease prior to his death, and the children questioned whether their father had the capacity to agree to those documents.

Celebrity chef's will could lead to inheritance dispute

The death of a loved one can throw a California family into turmoil for many reasons, not least of which is the potential for a legal dispute over inheritances. The potential for legal disputes has been highlighted by Anthony Bourdain's will entering probate. The celebrity chef died in Paris in June 2018 as a result of suicide; he had been in France filming an episode of his global food show, "Parts Unknown." At the time of his death, he was estranged from his wife, but the two were not divorced. This means that his spouse has a right to claim a statutory share of the estate.

Possible heirs identified for photographer

Art lovers in California may be following the story of Vivian Maier, a French photographer who died in 2009. Her photographic work was found in a storage unit by a film producer who eventually went on to make a documentary about his discovery of over 150,000 of Maier's black and white negatives. Maier's story is famous for the fact that she worked as a nanny in Chicago. While her photographs were never published before her death, her street photography has been critically acclaimed posthumously.

How to resolve disputes between beneficiaries

An inheritance-related dispute can be emotional for everyone involved. That's why mediators should realize that everyone goes through the grieving process differently. In many cases, this grief can be triggered by a variety of issues. For some, the conflict resolution process may help with the grieving process. Therefore, mediators in California should also understand that disputes about money could really be about validation or a proxy for other relationship problems.

Inheritance and termination of parental rights

California residents who are interested in inheritance laws and concerned about ensuring that their children can inherit their estate may be interested to learn about a ruling issued by the West Virginia Supreme Court. The judges ruled in a 3-2 decision that children are unable to inherit from the estate belonging to a biological parent if the parent dies without completing a will and after having their parental rights terminated.

Alan Thicke's heirs mired in inheritance dispute

California residents may have read recent media reports about an ongoing inheritance dispute involving Alan Thicke's heirs. Celebrity gossip outlets reported in September 2017 that the late actor's two sons, who are co-trustees of the estate, had filed a court petition to prevent his widow from challenging the provisions of the couple's prenuptial agreement, and articles published on May 9 suggest that the dispute is far from settled. According to the reports, Thicke's widow is claiming that her late husband's sons are spending money recklessly and have refused to disburse assets that are legally hers.

Fight over Charles Manson's estate continues

In California on May 8, a probate hearing was held regarding the estate of the late Charles Manson. Manson is notorious for his involvement in several murders in 1969, and a number of people have come forward to claim that they are his heirs.

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