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Probate Litigation Archives

Disputes, efforts to locate artwork in artist's estate

California fans of the late artist Robert Indiana may be aware that a lawsuit has been filed by the Morgan Art Foundation against the artist's caretaker and art dealer. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant kept the artist isolated from friends and professional colleagues and created fake paintings he then sold for millions.

Dispute over Charles Manson estate still ongoing

A battle over the estate of infamous cult leader Charles Manson has been ongoing in California, and on July 13, a judge eliminated two of the four people who had filed petitions. Both said they were sons of Charles Manson, but since both were adopted, their legal ties to him had been severed.

Death of tycoon leads to extensive probate litigation battle

Californians who die without wills may have their estates probated after they die. As the death of Texas tycoon James Cotter demonstrates, the probate process may be very complex and heavily litigated when people leave behind large estates without wills.

What to do if a loved one has no will

When a California resident dies without a will, the process of settling their estate can get complicated. However, it is possible that the individual actually had a will and neglected to tell anyone about it. Even if an estate owner never mentioned a will, there could still be one saved on a computer or located in a filing cabinet.

Getting through probate in a proper manner

When an individual passes away in California or any other state, his or her estate may be subject to probate. This can happen if a person dies with or without a valid will. If a person does have a valid will, assets will be distributed according to its instructions. Regardless of how a person dies, a personal representative will be appointed, and a person may choose his or her representative in a will.

Probate process provides a means to challenge invalid wills

After a person in California dies, their estate enters probate, the process by which their property is transferred after death. Probate collects property, ensures debts are paid from the estate and then sees that the property is distributed according to the wishes of the person who passed away. This is possible if the person has enshrined their wishes in a written document, most frequently a will.

Estate litigation on the rise

Dealing with probate issues after the death of a loved one can be a difficult time for many families and individuals. However, this may be exacerbated when the situation is complicated by disputes over inheritances and other estate matters. A number of reasons can spawn estate litigation to deal with challenges and questions that emerge after a person's death.

Probate litigation can pursue claims against an estate

After a person passes away in California, his or her estate will enter into the probate process, where claims against the estate are handled. Probate claims can arise for any number of reasons from inheritance disputes to late wills that may have been executed due to undue influence by a beneficiary. Creditors of the deceased individual may also have a reason to file a claim once that person's estate has entered probate.

Several claims filed for probate of Charles Manson's estate

A California courtroom is the site of a battle over the estate of the late Charles Manson. Manson, who died in 2017 after spending almost five decades in prison, was notorious for his involvement in the murder of nine people.

Unsealing of Harper Lee's will reveals little new information

California fans of the work of the late author Harper Lee may be aware that in keeping with the private life she led, her will was also made private. However, on Feb. 27, following a lawsuit from The New York Times, the will was unsealed.

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