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In addition to the pain of losing a loved one, many families must face the disputes and arguments with other loved ones over the estate and the assets that have been left. When this escalates to litigation, it is important that you have an attorney you can trust, with the experience and skill in the courtroom required to deliver results and protect your interests.

The Flanigan Law Group attorneys, in Irvine, have more than 30 years’ experience in dealing exclusively with the legal aspects of a decedent’s estate. Their abilities in the courtroom have protected the interests of clients throughout Southern California. Our law firm is prepared to handle any matter of estate litigation, putting in the time and resources to see each case through to final resolution.

Zealous Protection Of Your Interests

Will contests and disputes regarding an estate can include a broad range of allegations, including:

  • Accusations of financial abuse of an elder
  • Accusations of wrongdoing or undue influence over the decedent
  • Accusations of forgery or other means of twisting the intentions of the decedent
  • Potential embezzlement of funds by an executor
  • Suspicious actions by the executor or individual with fiduciary duty
  • Incompetence or mistakes by the executor or individual with fiduciary duty

Our lawyers will comprehensively investigate all allegations, understanding what must be presented in court to achieve a successful outcome. This focus and our depth of understanding in these areas allow us to zealously advocate on behalf of clients, delivering results.

We boast one of the highest records of success in the area, committed to accomplishing what is best for our clients and protecting their interests in emotionally draining legal battles following the passing of loved ones.

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