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Many people establish living trusts to transfer assets and property during life, and provide for the financial security of beneficiaries upon passing. When selecting a trustee to oversee and manage a trust, many people rely on a friend or relative whom they trust. While loyalty and trustworthiness are important qualities for a trustee, these attributes alone are not sufficient.

Many individuals who are named trustees are woefully unprepared for the job and many quickly become overwhelmed which can have serious financial and legal consequences. At The Flanigan Law Group, we provide legal assistance to trustees who many have concerns about their ability to meet all of their fiduciary responsibilities, including:

  • Management of trust assets
  • Sub trust funding for minors and special needs individuals
  • Outright distribution of trust assets

Beneficiaries and Conflict

In addition to ensuring that a trust’s assets are managed in a responsible and fiscally-conservative manner, many trustees encounter challenges when it comes to dealing with beneficiaries. This is especially true in cases where there are multiple beneficiaries who may have competing or diverging interests.

At The Flanigan Law Group, our experienced attorneys provide information, advice and legal advocacy to help trustees fulfill their fiduciary duties while mitigating disputes with beneficiaries.

Overwhelmed by Your Fiduciary Responsibilities? We Can Help.

Our Irvine lawyers are available to personally assist and guide a trustee on a one-to-one basis, allowing each individual to fulfill his or her required fiduciary duties in a timely and effective manner. Call us today at 800-732-2413 to learn more about our trustee fiduciary services or contact us online.