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Wills and trusts serve as the foundation of all estate plans and preparations for the future. They allow the individual to dictate specific wishes, and exactly how the assets and real property will be divided between loved ones upon his or her passing. It is important that you have these basic vehicles in place to prepare for whatever may happen, no matter the size of your estate. At The Flanigan Law Group, in Irvine, we offer caring and individualized estate planning services throughout Southern California. Our attorneys take the time to understand your priorities and wishes, providing plans and solutions that ensure that these will be accomplished. For many people, a will or trust will be sufficient to handle the assets and real property of the estate. Our lawyers will listen to your priorities, and help to create wills and trusts that ensure that your loved ones will be provided for after you are gone and that your wishes will be followed. This provides a particular degree of assurance for parents of minors who have specific wishes for who will care for the children and how the trust will be handled.

Customized Will Preparation

We will help you create a will, living trusts and family trusts that are tailored to the net worth and asset of your estate as well as your specific wishes and goals. As the size of the estate increases, the potential for tax penalties and other pitfalls also increases. We provide a clear understanding of the structures and entities that can be formed to hold and protect your assets, as part of a comprehensive estate plan. Each will and trust that we prepare is customized for optimal risk management. Throughout the years, as your estate changes or grows, we are available to review the plan and help you make any necessary adjustments or revisions to reflect changes in your assets, family or lifestyle.

Creation Of Pet Trust

Our firm has assisted many clients in creating trusts for these members of the family, helping to ensure that the pet is financially provided for and receives the best care possible when you are no longer able to provide that care. To learn more about wills and trusts, and the vital role they play in a comprehensive estate plan, please contact us at 949-450-0041 to set up your will or trust.