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If it’s one thing Boomers know, it’s that life doesn’t stand still – and neither should your estate planning. This is because as we age, we may acquire more assets, divorce, remarry, have more children, want to provide for grandchildren, need to make a plan for retirement…the list can be endless.

And estate planning is what makes being financially prepared for all this possible.

To create and maintain a good estate plan, Boomers need the help of two professionals: a certified financial planner and an estate planning attorney. Why both? First, anyone can call themselves a financial planner, so you need to look for experience and credentials. Most certified financial planners are not attorneys, and cannot draft a will or trust for you. This is when an estate planning attorney is a necessity.

Once you’ve created your estate plan with the help of these professionals, you then need to have it reviewed annually by both to ensure it is up to date on any changes in your life circumstances or current law.

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