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These three documents are crucial for you to execute as part of your estate plan to maintain control:

Last will and testament – it’s called a will because it expresses your will – your exact wishes for who you want to receive your property, raise your children or ensure all your instructions are carried out to the letter. Without one, a California probate court will make those decisions for you.

Durable financial power of attorney – imagine having a lengthy illness – or worse, some form of dementia – and struggling to deal with your financial matters on top of trying to regain your health. By executing a financial power of attorney, you can turn over your daily financial matters – paying the bills, the mortgage, managing investments, etc. – to someone you trust to handle your finances.

Advance healthcare directive – if you suffer an illness or other sudden incapacity, you need someone to make important healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so. An advance healthcare directive allows you to choose that person in advance of any such calamity as well as specify your wishes for end of life care.

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