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When we reach our 30s, most of us are settling into our careers, starting families and thinking more seriously about our financial futures. Here are 7 savvy money tips that will help 30-somethings plan for a good financial future, including retirement:

1. Have an emergency fund. By now you have learned that life often presents circumstances we have not planned for, and those circumstances can cost a lot. Having a six- to nine-month emergency fund will help you ride out the tough times without having to tap into your retirement savings early.

2. Budget for the long-term. If you want to purchase a home or fund a child’s education, now is the time to start budgeting and saving for those big-ticket items.

3. Be realistic about housing. Not everyone is cut out to be a homeowner; in fact, some financial experts say that owning a home is NOT a good investment. That said, most of us will always want to buy a home at some time in our lives. Just be sure you plan for things beyond the mortgage – insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc.

4. Keep up with your retirement account. If you have an employer-sponsored 401(k), first be sure you are contributing enough to get the employer match. Read your statements and be sure you understand how your money is being invested. If it is not performing to expectation, then make the necessary adjustments.

5. Save for retirement. While retirement may seem like a far-off dream right now, you will never realize that dream unless you start saving early, when your earning power is at its peak.

6. Get insurance. If something should happen to you, having good insurance will be as important as having money in savings. Shop around for the best rates on all your policies.

7. Create an estate plan. You have people and possessions to protect, so create an estate plan that allows you to do this in the way you want.

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