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The holidays are over and most of us spent time with family, which for many of us includes aging parents. The economic recession of the past few years has made our parents’ financial concerns our concerns as well, and if you did not find time during the holidays to talk with your parents about their financial condition, here are six important questions you need to ask the next time you sit down with them courtesy of Jack Tatar, who authors books on retirement:

1. Do you have a will? If so, when is the last time you updated your will?

2. Have you done any advanced estate planning, like establishing a trust?

3. Do you have a current list of your assets, online accounts and passwords and/or other important financial data and where do you keep that list?

4. Do you have a financial plan in place for your retirement that is reviewed annually?

5. Are the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts, life insurance annuities and other financial instruments up to date?

6. Have you discussed your last wishes with the executor of your estate?

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