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The divorce rate is rising most rapidly among the 50+ age group in the U.S., and estate planning experts are advising boomers to look at tax and retirement consequences when creating a favorable settlement for both parties. Here are some tips:

Create a financial plan – focus on long-term planning versus short-term gain. The last several years have had a dramatic impact on a lot of boomer’s assets, and one of the biggest concerns for divorcing boomers is if there will be enough to support both spouses. Before negotiating a settlement, understand what you need to take care of yourself now and in the future.

Create a budget – list the expenses necessary to maintain your current lifestyle as a single person to get a realistic picture of your new budget. Evaluate your income and spending habits and, if possible, work with your soon-to-be ex to come up with equitable goals.

Protect yourself – be on guard against a spouse cleaning out accounts or taking a loan against assets. You can set up an alert with your bank to advise of any changes in account status.

Think strategically – often, splitting assets like retirement accounts and pension plans equally is not the best strategy. Divorcing boomers need to consider the pros and cons of keeping each asset; keeping the house may be a sentimental choice but could end up being a foolish financial decision.

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