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The conservatorship process can be an expensive and emotionally trying time for family, as proceedings are a matter of public record and are not kept private.  While going to court to appoint a conservator may become necessary to protect someone’s assets or health, it can be one of the most unpleasant legal procedures.

Estate planning can help California families avoid the conservatorship process through a number of different strategies, including creating an advance health care directive that names an agent to act on your behalf or establishing a revocable living trust and appointing a successor trustee to act in case of incapacity.

Today — April 16 — is National Healthcare Decisions Day, the perfect opportunity to make your decision on how you do – or do not – want to be treated in case you are unable to make decisions for yourself, and share your wishes with your family and healthcare providers.

If you have questions about California conservatorship proceedings, or would like to avoid the need for a conservator by providing for incapacity in your estate plan, contact our Irvine law firm.

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