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Baby boomers who no longer see a young face staring back at them in the mirror are instead surrounding themselves with other young faces by moving to college towns for retirement.

While our parents may have blazed their retirement trails to the warm climes of Arizona or Florida, boomers are attracted to vibrant centers of youth culture and that makes college towns a prime target for retirement.

According to the AARP, boomers have been an especially mobile and adventurous generation. The attraction of college town living includes amenities like entertainment, sports and opportunities to continue to learn at world-class universities.

College towns that are currently attracting retiring boomers include Athens, Georgia (University of Georgia); Austin, Texas (University of Texas); Ann Arbor, Michigan (University of Michigan); South Bend, Indiana (Notre Dame); Gainesville, Florida (University of Florida); and State College, Pennsylvania (Penn State). AARP says there are developers now building retirement communities that are affiliated with universities, which give residents access to university facilities and amenities.

It is clear that baby boomers are redefining what retirement means. If you need help planning for a retirement that allows you to do what you want to do, contact our Irvine retirement planning law firm.

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