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Many baby boomers have avoided creating a living will or advance health care directive because they feel young and healthy, and don’t believe they will need these important estate planning documents for a long time.

Boomers are renowned for clinging to youth, but these critical end-of-life documents can be necessary at any age. Accidents and illnesses happen to people of all ages, and not being prepared for them places an unnecessary hardship on many families and caregivers.

Living wills and health care directives are important because they let you make your own decisions, while you are still able to do so, about the person or people you want to make your financial and health care decisions for you, in case you cannot. They also give your agent or agents access to your health care information, which they otherwise cannot have due to federal privacy laws.

No matter what age you are, executing these important estate planning documents is essential. By making it clear what your wishes are, you can eliminate the need for your family to make difficult decisions on their own.

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