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A recent issue of Consumer Reports magazine had some important information in the form of a checklist of what to do when a loved one dies. Here are six things that should be done immediately:

Obtain a legal pronouncement of death. If no doctor is present, you will need to have someone else do this, depending upon the place of death. If the decedent died while under hospice care, a hospice nurse should be called to declare the death. If the person died at home without hospice care, call 911 and have a do-not-resuscitate document at hand if one exists. If a DNR does not exist, paramedics will usually start life-saving measures and take the person to an ER to declare death.

If no autopsy is necessary, arrange for the body to be transported to a mortuary.

Notify the decedent’s personal physician or the county coroner.

Notify close friends and family.

Arrange for the care of the person’s dependents and any pets.

If the person was employed, notify the employer and ask for information about benefits, including any life insurance through the company.

An Irvine estate planning attorney can assist with post-death estate administration, including transferring assets and probate.

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