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The September issue of Consumer Reports magazine said that even though legal do-it-yourself websites are cheap and convenient, the products they provide will not work for most people and are no substitute for a qualified attorney.

One of the tests the Consumer Reports research teams performed was in the drafting of a will, which is what many people who visit a legal DIY website are looking for. A panel of three law professors reviewed three different online legal DIY offerings, from LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer and Nolo.

The panel’s verdict was that these sites are generally better than drafting a will yourself or not having a will at all, but did not meet most people’s requirements. This is because every person’s situation is different, and a website product is not flexible enough to meet most needs. For example, one website’s will product allows you to enter anything you like in its special directives section, but this feature often leads users to add clauses that contradict other parts of the will.

Consumer Reports found that most consumers are better off consulting a lawyer, who can take your individual needs into account and craft a will or other estate planning document that will meet all your needs.

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