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An Equity Reduction Plan (ERP) is designed to protect business or real estate assets, and can be a highly effective form of asset protection for those who have significant real estate holdings or own their business or professional practice (doctors, attorneys, etc).

Within the structure of an ERP, a practice called “equity stripping” can be utilized to move the equity or value of an asset to a protected position while still retaining original ownership. The advantages of this include:

· Avoids transfer of real estate ownership and the attendant property and transfer taxes

· Protection of multiple properties without the need to create separate LLCs

· Protection of property equity from an inside liability claim

· Protection of cash flow

· Protection of assets used to run the business

· Leverage of asset equity to generate business or investment income

When creating an ERP, it is important to accurately valuate the underlying assets and to keep that valuation current through a regular review process. In the event of a claim or lawsuit, the ERP lien takes precedence over the claim of any creditor; any judgment proceeds go first to the ERP and only excess proceeds are made available to satisfy any judgment claim.

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