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Many people mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to have certain legal protections in place unless a person is wealthy or in possession of valuable assets. In reality, estate planning is important for every California family, regardless of income level or wealth. A small effort in the present can save your family and loved ones a host of trouble and stress in the future, as well as provide you invaluable peace of mind.

Some of the most basic of estate planning tools includes wills and trusts. These indicate how a person’s property will be divided and distributed after his or her death. They can eliminate conflicts amongst beneficiaries and ensure that a person has direct control over what happens to his or her property in the future. Having a will is a basic protection and necessary step for every individual.

Estate planning also includes health care directives and powers of attorney. Too many families are left making impossible decisions for loved ones after accidents or sudden illnesses have left them incapacitated. Directives allow people to outline how they wish to be cared for in case they are ever in that situation. They designate a specific person to make important decisions regarding medical care and more.

Estate planning is important, and every California family should explore what legal steps they need to ensure that they are protected. The needs will differ on a case-by-case basis, but a person can get an explanation of his or her options by seeking the counsel of an experienced lawyer. Asset protection not only provides assurance to you, it can also be beneficial for your loved ones long into the future.