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Unfortunately, some California family members have disputes and arguments with each other over the estates that have been left behind by their deceased loved ones. When these issues arise, it is important for you to act to protect your interests.

There are numerous allegations that can be made in will contests and other estate disputes. Some people may argue for a will to be declared invalid because of alleged financial exploitation of the elderly decedent. Others might argue that the testator was incapacitated when changes to a will were made or that the testator was coerced into making the alterations.

In some cases, a will’s executor may embezzle funds from the estate. Wills are also sometimes forged in order to benefit the perpetrator. If you are dealing with any of these concerns, you may need to conduct a thorough investigation in order to build the evidence that you will need to litigate the issues in court. It can be difficult to successfully contest a will because courts generally view them as representing the wishes of the testators.

The Orange County Inheritance Disputes Lawyers at The Flanigan Law Group is experienced in helping their clients with all types of estate disputes and will contests. They investigate all of the allegations and accusations in order to determine whether or not there are valid concerns. They then work to gather the needed evidence and build strong cases on their clients’ behalf. Doing so may help their clients to protect their financial interests and succeed in probate court. Our attorneys have represented clients to defend wills and to challenge others that appear to be invalid. If you and your family are currently embroiled in an estate or will dispute, you may want to review the information that we have gathered on our Irvine estate litigation page.