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image002.jpgGeorgia Lee Dvorak was a pet lover, which is why her bank’s personal trust director didn’t understand why she would specify in her will that her cats should be euthanized upon her death. According to a Chicago news report, in a first for Illinois courts, a judge set aside this provision in Dvorak’s will, giving a new lease on life to her 11-year-old rescue cat, Boots.

While it is not unprecedented for pet owners to order that their pets be humanely euthanized after they die, there are other ways that loving pet owners can ensure their pets will be cared for once they are gone:

Pet trust – by establishing a California pet trust, you can ensure that your pet(s) will be cared for in the manner you specify. An Orange County estate planning attorney can help you create a pet trust, which involves naming a suitable trustee to oversee the care of your pet and managing the funds you place in trust for your pet’s care. Your pet trust can provide your instructions on how your pet is to be cared for in case of your death or incapacitation, and specify how any remaining assets should be distributed after your pet dies.

Pet guardianship – you can name a guardian for your pet in your California will and allocate assets for the care of your pet, but you should consult with an Orange County estate planning attorney before doing so. It may be a wiser choice for you to entrust the care of your pet to a non-profit organization that is set up specifically for this purpose rather than trust the care of your pet to an individual.

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