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As parents age, many adult children find themselves having to lend a hand with the things our parents used to be able to do for themselves. The thing is, they still want to do these things for themselves, and many may resent their inability to do so.

Here are some tips to help your elderly parents or any other aging family member keep their independence for as long as possible:

1. Determine their needs. Assess the person’s daily and weekly caregiving needs and find professional service like grocery delivery, yard maintenance workers or housekeepers to fill the gaps. Arrange for other transportation options if they are no longer able to drive.

2. Seek out community resources. As the U.S. population has grown older as a whole, more resources have opened up for senior care. Check the person’s hometown website for such listings or explore caregiving services offered for seniors from for-profit sources.

3. Recruit local volunteers. If you live far away, see if there are friends or extended family in the area that can check in on an elderly relative. If your relative is lonely, pet ownership may be an option for him or her.

4. Make home modifications. Your parents’ home may need some modification so mobility is easier for them. You should also consider installing a home monitoring system for medical, fire and police emergencies.

5. Consider a move. If your aging parent can no longer live safely at home, it could be time to consider an assisted living facility.

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