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According to the Census Bureau, there are more Americans aged 65 and older now than at any other time in U.S. history.  Unfortunately, many of these older Americans have also been forced to retire due to the Great Recession and an inability to find new jobs. 

If you find yourself suddenly forced into early retirement, here are some tips on coping:

Organize and simplify financial accounts.  If you have multiple investment, checking and savings accounts, take time to simplify so you can get a true picture of your finances and can make good decisions going forward.

Calculate spending.  Figure out how much you are spending each month and if your savings is enough to cover those expenses.  If not, you will need to look for ways to cut expenses – refinance a mortgage, cut down on entertainment or other steps that will allow you to live within your means.

Look for a part-time job.  Many companies today prefer to use part-time help to avoid having to pay benefits.  Look for something you will enjoy that will also make you some extra cash.

Stay active.  Research shows that life is better for those who are active.  Stay in touch with friends, volunteer and find ways to stay busy.

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