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Financial abuse of the elderly is a growing problem in America, and family members – especially those who live a long distance from an elderly loved one – need to be aware of both the symptoms of financial abuse and the remedies available.

Here are some signs to watch for:

· Large withdrawals from bank accounts

· Cash or other valuables missing from the home

· Changes made to property titles or wills

· Forging of an elderly person’s signature

· Purchasing unnecessary goods or services

· Suspicious financial activity – i.e., sudden ATM withdrawals from a senior’s account when you know they have never used an ATM card

Recommendations to help avoid elder financial abuse include:

· Get oversight of financial accounts via a power of attorney co-agent designation

· If necessary, have a guardian or conservator appointed

· Avoid having a child or other relative as a joint owner of financial accounts

· Establish a trust to hold assets with a trustee who has fiduciary responsibility to the elderly relative

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