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If you have invested the time it takes to create a good estate plan, you also need to take the necessary steps to ensure that those documents are protected and can be easily found by those who will eventually need them.

Make copies. Your signed original copies should be kept in a safe place, but you also need to make copies of those documents and keep them in a place that is easily accessible to those who will need them. Keep a copy in your desks at home and at work and let your loved ones know they are there.

Protect original documents. Your original estate planning documents should be kept in a fire- and waterproof safe or in a safety deposit box (in the name of your trust, so your trustee can access it) at your bank.

Make sure documents are given to agents and fiduciaries. Your health care agent should be given a copy of your HIPAA authorization, and any guardians named for minor children should have the original document.

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