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The Playboy Mansion of Hugh Hefner was a magnet for celebrities in California for decades. The Los Angeles location served as the scene of the magazine publisher’s final wedding to Crystal Harris in 2012. In 2013, a source revealed that she had signed a prenuptial agreement with Hefner, and his will that existed at the time did not name her as a beneficiary.

Hefner’s death at the age on 91 launches the process of distributing his fortune. As of 2013, his assets reached an estimated $43 million. The sale of his famous Playboy Mansion in August 2016 produced another $100 million in revenue for him. The will directs substantial assets to his children, multiple charities and the University of Southern California film school.

His fortune emerged from the success of his Playboy brand, which his 26-year-old son said would endure in history. In the statement announcing Hefner’s death, he wrote about the impact of his father’s publication on the media landscape. He described his father as a cultural pioneer who promoted free speech, sexual freedom and civil rights.

When an elderly person passes, friends or family members sometimes question the validity of a will, especially one revised under the suspicious influence of another party. A person who believes that a will does not accurately reflect a loved one’s intentions or that a trust administrator is managing assets poorly could consult an attorney who litigates inheritance disputes. A lawyer could research the situation and potentially organize documentation that points to the undue influence of another party or inheritance theft.