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While there is no substitute for an up-to-date estate plan, there are some instructions or guidance you may wish to leave your heirs that don’t naturally fit into a will, trust or other estate planning documents. This is where a Letter of Instruction can come in handy.

A Letter of Instruction provides your heirs with crucial information and guidance on finalizing your estate. While legally non-binding, a Letter of Instruction can spare your heirs a good deal of stress in dealing with your estate. Some of the items you can include in a Letter of Instruction include:

· Who to contact upon your death and a beneficiary list

· Where all your estate plan documents are located

· A list of all your assets, including bank and investment accounts, insurance policies, pension and retirement plans, real estate holdings, etc.

· Online account information, including passwords and PINs

· The location of your safety deposit box and key

· The contact information for your estate planning attorney, broker, insurance agent and other members of your financial team

· A list of your debts, including credit card accounts

· Funeral instructions

· Personal messages to family and/or friends

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