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For some estates, the California probate process can take months or even years to complete. There are a number of factors that can contribute to why probate can take a long time; here are a few of those reasons:

Lots of beneficiaries – the more beneficiaries there are for the estate, the more time it will take to get each beneficiary to sign and return the necessary documents so the probate process can move forward.

Unusual assets – estates that have unusual assets – rare collections or other assets that are difficult to value – will take longer to probate.

Wrong executor – having the wrong executor – someone who is disorganized, procrastinates and does not understand finances – can delay the probate process significantly.

Estate tax return – it generally takes the IRS longer to process estate tax returns, which leaves the estate open for a longer period of time.

Will contest – if a will is contested, this can drag out the probate process for a long period of time. Even if a will is not contested, if beneficiaries do not get along with each other, this could also delay the process.

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