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A dog called Lucky is aptly named; the three-year-old pit bull mix was first rescued by wealthy Texas businessman Kenneth Bortz and then inherited his entire estate after Bortz died two years ago.

Bortz never married, instead preferring the company of dogs and a partner who predeceased him. After Bortz died, four of his dogs remained; three died shortly following his death, leaving Lucky to inherit the entire estate of antiques, collectibles and other valuables from her owner’s vast collection, which has been said is large enough to fill 10 houses.

Lucky, who is now being care for by a former Bortz employee, will be the beneficiary of the proceeds from a series of estate sales being conducted in Fort Worth. After Lucky dies, several of Bortz’s nieces and nephews will inherit the remainder of the estate.

Lucky for Lucky, the surviving relatives are fine with the fact that Bortz left his estate to Lucky via a will. If they had decided to contest the will, Lucky may have been out of luck.

The best way to provide for the care of your pets after you are gone is not in your will; instead, you should create a California pet trust. Be sure to talk with an Irvine estate planning attorney about establishing a legally enforceable California pet trust.

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