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The California court system has been impacted by statewide budget cuts, meaning court dockets are becoming more crowded and backlogs are the norm. This is just one of several reasons Californians should look at ways to avoid the probate process altogether, and marrying a will with a living trust can help you do this.

A living trust allows you to make your wishes known and have them followed both while you are alive and after you pass away. And since living trusts are considered contracts, they are not subject to probate, ensuring a circumnavigation of the California probate process and the ability to keep your private matters private.

A living trust protects you while you are alive by enabling you to name a power of attorney, which gives your family the ability to make healthcare decisions for you in case you become totally incapacitated. It also allows them to manage your finances without having to have a court intervene.

You will also name a successor trustee as part of establishing your living trust, who will manage the trust in the event you die unexpectedly. The successor trustee you appoint has the power to manage trust assets, including real estate, for your children or other trust beneficiaries you designate.

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